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Standalone Flash Player 1.2

Standalone Flash Player is a free stand-alone Flash player
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Standalone Flash Player is a free stand-alone Flash player, it can play all Flash format files, including ShockWave Flash (.swf) and Flash Video (.flv). It can detect the installed Adobe Flash Player, if you have no Flash installed, it can automatically install all needed files.

The most important feature of this program is that it can support both Flash in the SWF format and FLV format. Files in the SWF format, traditionally called "ShockWave Flash" movies, "Flash movies" or "Flash games", usually have a .swf file extension and may be an object of a web page. Files in the FLV format are files used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player. This technology can be used in players like those on MySpace and YouTube, to provide protection for the content, like MP3s and videos.

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